KEMRI Ultimate’s Epic Victory in the Nairobi Ultimate Disc League

The energy was palpable as spectators gathered at the Nairobi Ultimate Disc League’s grand finale last Saturday, July 29, 2023. The stage was set for an exhilarating showdown, and it did not disappoint. In a thrilling contest that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, KEMRI Ultimate emerged victorious, defeating the formidable Kenya Science Pandas with a scoreline of 15-11.

The lead swung back and forth throughout the match, each team displaying incredible skill and determination. But it was KEMRI Ultimate’s unwavering spirit and unyielding teamwork that eventually allowed them to break away in the final moments and claim their well-deserved triumph.

For the first time in their history, KEMRI Ultimate stood tall as champions of the Nairobi Ultimate League. Their ascent to the top was nothing short of inspiring. Over the years, the team has invested time, sweat, and passion into their training, and this victory serves as a testament to their dedication and perseverance.

Reflecting on their remarkable journey, the beaming captain of KEMRI Ultimate, Geoffrey Sang, expressed his joy and gratitude. “This is a dream come true for us,” he said. “We’ve toiled for this moment, and now it’s finally here. We couldn’t be prouder.”

This historic win was not only a result of KEMRI Ultimate’s incredible skills but also a partnership with Fancy Sports Collection, an innovative apparel company specializing in stylish and functional sportswear. Fancy Sports Africa lent unwavering support to KEMRI Ultimate throughout their pursuit of glory.

Ronny Ochoro, the CEO of Fancy Sports Africa, was thrilled to be part of KEMRI Ultimate’s success. “We believe that everyone deserves to look good and play good,” he exclaimed. “It fills us with immense pride to equip KEMRI Ultimate with the apparel they need to achieve greatness.”

The triumph of KEMRI Ultimate signifies a broader trend of ultimate frisbee’s soaring popularity in Kenya. This dynamic and exhilarating sport has captured the hearts of players and fans alike, transcending age and gender boundaries. The rising number of teams participating in local leagues is a testament to its growing influence.

With the sport’s growth in mind, Geoffrey Sang envisions a bright future for ultimate frisbee in Kenya. “Ultimate is more than just a sport,” he asserted. “It fosters camaraderie, inclusivity, and a sense of community. We’re ecstatic to contribute to its expansion.”

Buoyed by their recent accomplishment, KEMRI Ultimate is gearing up to defend their title in the next Nairobi Ultimate League season. Furthermore, they have their sights set on an even grander ambition – qualifying for the African Ultimate Championships scheduled to take place in Kenya in 2023

The celebrations didn’t stop there, as the Nairobi Ultimate League bestowed several other commendations on outstanding performers. Cool Water Ndovu was honored with the “Most Spirited Team of the Season” award, while the title of “Most Valuable Player of the Season” went to Ateti Zack of Cool Water Kifaru and Samantha of KEMRI. Additionally, Spirit Medals of the Season were bestowed upon Emily and Julius of the Technical University of Kenya.

The Nairobi Ultimate League’s grand finale left an indelible mark on the city’s sporting landscape. As KEMRI Ultimate basks in the glory of their triumph, the spirit of ultimate frisbee in Kenya shines brighter than ever. With passionate players, dedicated sponsors, and a growing community of fans, the future of ultimate frisbee in Kenya looks genuinely exhilarating.

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