1. Introduction

FANCY SPORTS AFRICA understands the significance of safeguarding your personal information. We have rigorous standards and security mechanisms in place to secure the information you submit us. The goal of this Privacy Policy is for you, as a FANCY SPORTS AFRICA client, to learn about and understand how FANCY SPORTS AFRICA manages your personal data.

The privacy policy is intended for you as a FANCY SPORTS AFRICA client who falls into one or more of the following categories:

– Customers who buy at fancysports.africa online (the”Website”)

– Website visitors

– Subscribers to newsletters

– Collaborators

Please see the contact information below if you have any queries about FANCY SPORTS Africa’s privacy policy.

Contact us at info@fancysports.africa.


  1. Who is in charge of your personal information?

The controller of your personal data is the Kenyan firm Fancy Sports. Affiliated businesses and chosen suppliers of Fancy Sports Africa may handle your personal data on Fancy Sports Africa’s behalf and in line with Fancy Sports Africa’s instructions, as indicated below, and are therefore processors of your personal data.


  1. Data categories handled, purpose of processing, and legal basis for processing

3.1 Contact information

We may collect your name, address, e-mail address, and/or telephone number, country of residence, and date of birth if you make an online purchase. Not all information is required to make a transaction. If you do not enter all required information, you will be unable to progress, and the mandatory information will be highlighted in red on the Website. Your contact information will be used to (I) process your purchase as well as any potential returns, exchanges, or complaints you may have about your purchase; and (II) communicate with you about your purchase as well as answer and administer any questions or comments you may have about our products or services. This is required for Fancy Sports Africa to fulfill our contractual responsibilities under the purchase agreement to you. Your personal information will be kept for as long as is required for this purpose.

Your contact information may also be used for direct marketing reasons, such as informing you of events, promotions, or product news, mostly by email but also via other messaging services. Our legitimate interest in being able to offer our goods to our current clients serves as the legal foundation.


For up to 12 months after your most recent transaction on the Website, your contact information may be used for direct marketing purposes. You may opt out of this communication/reject our marketing communications at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link contained in all messages or contacting customer support at info@fancysports.africa.


3.2. Previous purchases and returns

We may keep information about your purchases and returns on the Website for up to 36 months after the transaction, including the product, size, price, and date of purchase. The data will be processed so that we can manage returns and/or complaints and offer you with tailored and efficient service. The processing is justified by Fancy Sports Africa’s legitimate interest in facilitating the administration of returns, exchanges, and complaints.


3.3 Credit card information

If you make a purchase on the Website and choose to pay by credit card, you will be asked to give your credit card information in order to complete the transaction. This information will be used to fulfill Fancy Sports Africa’s contractual responsibilities to you under the purchase agreement. Your permission is the legal basis for this processing. We will keep your information for as long as it is required for this purpose.

3.4 Contact information

If you make a purchase on the Website and select Mpesa as your payment method, you must submit your personal phone number. Our payment service partner will process your phone number in order to acquire a credit report and execute your payment. This data must be processed in order for us to correctly identify our clients for billing reasons and to fulfill our contractual responsibilities to you under the purchase agreement. Your information will be stored for as long as is required for this purpose.

3.5 Browsing data

Fancy Sports Africa will keep track of the things you’ve lately browsed. This will enable us to give you with a more tailored browsing experience on the Website. We will keep your information for as long as it is required for this purpose.

3.6 Co-creators

If you join up for the Co-Creator program, we may gather your name, email address, size preferences, address, phone number, social network account information, and other movement and habit information. Fancy Sports Africa may use your information to send you event and promotion invites, tailored services, profiled marketing offers, and/or requests to participate in marketing research and surveys. This is required for Fancy Sports Africa to meet our contractual commitments to you under the Co-Creator program. Your personal information will be retained for as long as is required for this purpose.


The Co-Creator program is fully optional, and enrolment is not necessary to make a purchase on the Website. You may cancel your participation in the Co-Creator program at any time by emailing customer care at info@fancysports.africa.

3.7 Newsletter subscribers

If you sign up for the Fancy Sports Africa newsletter, we will collect your name, email address, nationality, and choice for getting news and updates about womenswear or menswear. You may unsubscribe from our email at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link contained in all newsletters or contacting customer care at info@fancysports.africa. We will continue to send you newsletters until you unsubscribe from the newsletter service.

3.8 Customer service

If you contact FANCY SPORTS AFRICA customer service with queries about purchases, returns, or a complaint, your email communication may be saved for as long as is required to handle your errand, including following up on the situation over the next 12 months. This is required for us to fulfill our duties under the purchase agreement to you.

3.9.  Data anonymization


Anonymized data may be utilized for internal marketing and demographic research to evaluate, profile, and track consumer behaviour. The goal of this processing is to enhance our services and goods.

3.10.  Withdrawal and consent

You thus certify that you have read and comprehended the contents of this privacy statement. You confirm that you consent to the processing of your personal data by Fancy Sports Africa in line with the privacy policy. Please email info@fancysports.africa if you desire to withdraw your permission or object to any of the data processing. Please keep in mind that your withdrawal will not affect our right to process your data when doing so is required to perform our contractual obligations to you, and/or when we are required to process your data by law or to defend ourselves in a dispute, to prevent fraud or abuse, or to enforce our Terms and Conditions. We shall stop any consent-based processing if you withdraw your permission to it.

  1. Information exchange

Fancy Sports Africa may share your information with third-party vendors that execute services on our behalf. Such functions may include order fulfillment and delivery, payment processing, promotional services or data management, website maintenance, email distribution, newsletter communication, client communications, and customer database management. These third parties may handle the personal data you give to Fancy Sports Africa as needed, exclusively on Fancy Sports Africa’s behalf and in compliance with Fancy Sports Africa’s instructions as data processors. We do not permit any of our providers to use your personal information in any other way.

If Fancy Sports Africa is involved in a current or proposed merger, acquisition, or similar transaction, we may disclose your information with potential and actual buyer(s), as well as their financial and legal advisors, subject to such third parties maintaining proper confidentiality.

FANCY SPORTS AFRICA does not sell or rent our customers’ personal information to third parties.

  1. Data storage

Your personal information will be kept for as long as required for the purposes of data collection and processing.

5.1 Personal information that is required

Mandatory data is required for Fancy Sports Africa to perform our contractual obligations to you, such as completing your purchase or providing services related to the Co-Creator program. If you do not provide the required information, you will be unable to complete your purchase or membership.

5.2 Privacy of children and legal purchasing age


Fancy Sports Africa does not want to gather personally identifiable information from anybody under the age of sixteen (16). If you are under the age of eighteen (18), you must tell and get the agreement of your parents or guardians before buying anything or providing any personal data to us at fancysports.africa or any other website associated to Fancy Sports Africa

  1. Cookies.

On the Website, FANCY SPORTS AFRICA employs cookies. The sections that follow will explain what cookies we use, what they are used for, and what cookie options you have. In addition to cookies, we employ additional tactics such as pixel tags. Such approaches allow third parties to install cookies on the Website and gather information about how visitors use the Website so that we may improve our marketing. We use Google Tag Manager (a tool for website marketing and analytics) and Facebook Pixel to apply such strategies.

6.1 Different types of cookies

FANCY SPORTS AFRICA employs required, functional, reporting, and analytical cookies, as well as marketing cookies. Cookies make your surfing experience more enjoyable by enabling the website to remember your activities and preferences. Cookies also offer information on how users use the Website, such as whether they are a first-time visitor or a regular visitor. Cookies may be classified as “first party” or “third party.” FANCY SPORTS AFRICA places first party cookies on the Website, but third-party cookies are put on the Website by someone other than FANCY SPORTS AFRICA.

– Necessary cookies: These cookies are required in order for you to navigate the Website, utilize its features, and gain access to secure areas. The usage of certain cookies is required for the Website to function properly.

– Functional cookies: These cookies enable us to customise your online experience to your unique preferences by remembering the choices you’ve made or information you’ve supplied on the Website.

– Reporting and analytical cookies: these cookies collect information for statistical reasons in order to enhance the Website’s design and performance.

– Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to adapt marketing to you and your interests in the future, allowing you to get a more personalized experience. Advertisements may be less relevant and interesting to you if these cookies are not present.

6.2 Cookie preferences and permission


The use of cookies on the Website is subject to your approval. When you access the Website from a device for the first time, you will be prompted to adjust your cookie choices in the so-called cookie banner. Please keep in mind that required cookies do not need your permission. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can usually stop this feature in your browser settings. Some web browsers enable you to block all cookies, just allow first-party cookies, or remove cookies. You may also erase cookies that have already been saved in your web browser. Please keep in mind that deleting or disabling cookies might have a severe impact on your user experience, and portions of the Website may become inaccessible. Please keep in mind that disabling cookies may not totally prevent us from sharing information with other parties such as our advertising partner.

FANCY SPORTS AFRICA employs the following cookies to enhance your browsing experience and to deliver our services.


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