Tropical Rangers Former Captain Heads to Davenport University, for yet another Ultimate Frisbee Schorlaship

In a remarkable feat of dedication and passion for Ultimate Frisbee, Nelson Amongol Samba has achieved a significant milestone in his journey. In an exciting announcement, it has been revealed that the talented athlete has been granted an athletic scholarship to attend Davenport University in Michigan. Nelson will have the opportunity to pursue both academic and sporting excellence at the esteemed institution, beginning in August.

Nelson’s recent opportunity is a true testament to his unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in the sport. His success would not have been possible without the solid foundation established during his time at Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU). The unwavering support and guidance provided by coaches, teammates, and the university have been instrumental in molding his athletic journey.

KAFU has been instrumental in providing a platform for the growth of Ultimate Frisbee skills and passion for one grateful player. After countless hours of rigorous training, building camaraderie with the Tropical Rangers, and learning invaluable life lessons both on and off the field, Nelson stands ready to embark on a new chapter.

The Tropical Rangers Ultimate Club, with its unwavering commitment to growth and adaptability in the dynamic world of sports, has experienced impressive expansion and triumph. As a response to the surge of enthusiastic players, the club has established both a university and club division. The team boasts a roster of 60 members, including around 40 students and 20 non-students. Non-student players are actively engaged in leagues with clubs based in Nairobi and Kisumu, according to reports. The Rangers’ KAFU team is poised to maintain their dominance in upcoming competitions, and the future looks bright as they remain committed to their quest for excellence.

Nelson’s journey with Ultimate Frisbee began at KAFU when the sport was first introduced in 2018 by the Kakamega Wolves – MMUST ultimate team. Despite the absence of a dedicated Ultimate Frisbee team at KAFU, the Students Welfare Office played a pivotal role in guiding and motivating the sport. Fueled by determination, Nelson took charge and rallied a group of individuals to create a formidable team. Undeterred by obstacles, the tenacious athlete pushed through adversity, battling against waning enthusiasm and dedication from certain team members.

With unwavering determination, Nelson made personal sacrifices, both financially and in terms of time and resources, to assemble a team of committed individuals. The team was led by a dedicated individual who put them through grueling training sessions, provided mentorship programs, and had them participate in a variety of Ultimate Frisbee events. The sport’s remarkable ability to cultivate discipline, integrity, honesty, and teamwork is one of its most alluring and distinctive features, given that it is self-regulated.

The Tropical Rangers have risen to the top of the Ultimate Frisbee scene in Kenya through their unwavering dedication, fervent enthusiasm, and selfless commitment. Their hard work and sacrifice have paid off, as they now hold the title of the best Ultimate Frisbee club in the country. After a slow start in competitions during the early years, the team has finally found its groove in 2021 following the pandemic hiatus. They have been dominating their opponents and showing no signs of slowing down. The team has been on a roll, competing in 13 tournaments on both sand and grass. Their impressive record includes 9 victories and 11 appearances in the finals. The team’s performance has been consistently impressive, having made it to the quarterfinals or beyond in all competitions.

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Your generosity will not only assist Nelson in realizing his aspirations but also encourage the growth of ultimate frisbee as a sport. Let’s come together as a community and support this exceptional athlete on his remarkable journey!

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2 thoughts on “Tropical Rangers Former Captain Heads to Davenport University, for yet another Ultimate Frisbee Schorlaship

  1. Cyprian Kisienya says:

    Very impressive resume for an equally impressive athlete. The last time I won against his team was in 2019. I am glad I was a part of his journey in ultimate frisbee; a captain who went beyond his means to ensure the growth of ultimate frisbee in KAFU. congratulations Nelson at this opportunity and God’s blessings in this new chapter

    1. NELSON SAMBA says:

      And this journey entail a lot of details.
      I thank God you guys mentored me to who I am.

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